What is the professional background of Ms. Daum, vet?

Before taking up her new challenge in Malsch, veterinarian Anna Daum worked as a senior physician at the Arndt Small Animal Center, primarily in the areas of internal medicine & cytology & surgery.


Mrs Daum has been working as a veterinarian since 2001. She began her work in a small animal clinic in Odessa before she was able to expand her experience in Heidelberg at a small animal clinic and Weingarten at a small animal centre.

Mrs. Daum is a doctoral student at the department
Veterinary Medicine of the Justus-Liebig-
University of Gießen and is in the final stages of her doctorate.

Ms. Daum is a senior staff member of doc4pets Karlsruhe/Karlsbad GmbH, which has been selected this year by Focus as the top veterinary practice for 2021. In Karlsruhe this practice was number 1.

Mrs. Daum has cats in her private life and an adult daughter who is also studying veterinary medicine.

Mrs. Daum speaks fluent German, Russian and Ukrainian.

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