About Us

We are an owner-managed group of small animal practices in the Baden area.

We are not part of a large, investor-financed chain , but veterinarian Susanne Arndt started two small animal practices in Karlsbad 8 years ago. Our veterinary managers at each location are responsible for medical management and have previously proven themselves as senior physicians in our small animal center. We are all veterinarians with heart and soul and the profession is not a job, but a calling.

The advantages of knowing each other and the proximity of our locations to one another enables us to offer veterinary medicine at a clinic level. For critical patients, each location can draw on the human and material resources within the group. This ranges from specialists in cardiology, to experts in the field of imaging diagnostics, to computer tomography and high-quality surgical procedures (osteosynthesis, cruciate ligament operations, etc.).

You also have the advantage of always having a location near you, 365 days a year, available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

doc4pets group
Our locations in Renchen , Malsch, Karlsruhe , Karlsbad , Idar-Oberstein

Due to our constant growth, we are always looking for veterinarians for small animal medicine. Our job offers are aimed at initial assistants who will be supported on their future career path as part of our mentoring program. But we also offer senior doctors for small animals exciting job offers and clear career prospects. As the managing director of one of our branches, it is possible to do more than just do a job, but also to take responsibility for personnel and business success. In addition, as a veterinarian, you have the opportunity to participate as an entrepreneur in the branch you run. We then call this job offer a partnership.

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