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Malsch is located about 20 km south of Karlsruhe in Baden. The core village is located in the Rhine plain at the edge of the Black Forest. The Federbach rises in Malsch. The former communities of Sulzbach, Völkersbach and Waldprechtsweier belong to the municipality.

Malsch had a population of 14,809 in 2018.

About the history of Malsch(excerpts from the community page):

Between the cities of Karlsruhe and Rastatt, in the foothill zone, lies the village of Malsch, whose name is almost certainly of Celtic origin. At the time of the first documented mention in 1065, the community was owned by the Benedictine monastery of Weissenburg in Alsace.cIn the course of its history, the community was repeatedly deeply wounded by years of war, famine and plague. Above all, the great Croatian fire in 1623 caused the then already stately population of 1,400 to shrink to 300.

The strong will to survive quickly led to a noticeable upswing among the inhabitants, most of whom worked in agriculture. Over time, the once pure farming village became a working-class residential community. Many things were created that can still be considered exemplary today. At the end of the Second World War, when the large stream of displaced persons also reached the municipality of Malsch, the main focus was on solving the housing shortage. In the following years, special attention was paid to road construction and drainage of the local area.

In the industrial area in Einsteinstr. 6, 76316 Malsch lies the practice - formerly, Anke Essig.

Malsch coat of arms

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